There are some simple things to do to your website in order to generate leads. The ones listed here are some elementary to-dos you need to have in order to get those clients.

Place the mailing list sign-up prominently on the website. Some articles can only be accessed once you have signed up. Make sure that you specifically mention that newsletter subscribers will be informed of special offers and discounts.
In some cases, from e.g., a group-buying coupon site like groupon, the newsletter can be as a call to action pop-up, which appears when the user is logging on to the site for the first time. This can be very annoying and may prompt users to not proceed so do this with discretion.

Mailing List as a method of lead generation – offering discounts, special offers, exclusive news etc on referrals of other people or ‘refer a friend’ is a method of getting leads through a newsletter system.

Mailing list as a method of lead retention – A customer should always come back. Spending the time and effort to make the customer come back, either through discounts, special offers, point reward systems, will ensure a massive ROI over the lifetime of each customer.

Create Gateways – Open Doors for people to enter. Don’t let there just be one door. Creating pages in blogspot, fb, twitter, scribd, slideshare, linked in, Google Plus, wordpress, linked in, stumbled, digg it increases your web presence. Link your page to groups talking about similar things. These tips are used by many web sites, like the best elo boosting website Elitist gaming.

Call to action from a facebook page – Creating a mini-website on facebook with a call to action function does wonders for your brand. Half the world is on facebook and that is where your target audience lies. Every other business have their own facebook page so what are you doing different to attract the users to your website? Create a mini-website with a call to action to the server. For example, A coaching center can put up mock papers on their facebook page which can only be seen if the user enters his/her name and e-mail address. It’s a simple function that can be used on the main site as well but the difference here is that most students will, in high probability, be on facebook, looking for coaching centers that are offering mock papers.

Facebook Deals and other apps – Facebook Deals lets users in the community know that a deal is going on. What this means is that you are constantly keeping your customers in the know about what is going on and at some point, the customer will want to avail of that offer.

Forms – One of the main source of lead Generation are forms. I have mentioned mailing list as a primary source of forms, but that should not be the only for for lead generation. ‘Contact us’ forms, ‘Ask a question’, ‘user login’ registration forms, all culminate into Lead generation for the business.