It starts when we get the first call or e-mail. If you have an idea of what you want to achieve and your budget, then get in touch. Or Else, download our web worksheet and send it over so we can help you out. We think we are pretty flexible because we have worked with small buisnesses all the way up to multi-national companies.



We have been around long enough so chances are that we would have built a site similar to yours which we can use as a guide to put together a proposal and rough estimate for your website. We would also like to meet up at this stage so that you can get a feel of our company and decide if we are the right for your project.



After identifying the results you are looking to achieve, we will provide provisional design to convey the general look and feel of your website. The provisonal design is used as a style guide that can be applied consistently thoughout the site. Often there are a number of rounds of feedbacks and tweaks before the design is signed off.



We like to work with open source server side technologies including Joomla,PHP, MySQL and others. In this phase, we focus on the applications and the functionalities of your website. Once we have an initial implementation to show you we will make it available for you to test online before it is visible to the public.



Go Live! The website is finished and needs to be launched- All that remains is to pushed the button! At the time of Deployment, we will hand over the project to you along the final invoice.



Scarcely are websites a ‘Fit-and-Forget’ job. All websites require bedding-in period which requires us to moniter yuor site, fix any bugs and make the inevitable tweaks and changes you require once you start using it. Coderweb offers attractive annual maintenance contract (AMC) packages for your website post launch