For any website to be successful, efficient content is of great significance, as it is the core part of a website. Good content always captures and holds the reader’s attention to a website, as a result of which, there is an increase in the rank of a website on various search engines. Content writing can be considered an art for which a thorough knowledge of search engine optimization is required. A writer has to conform to the SEO norms without affecting the quality of the content in order to excel in the copy writing profession.

Content writing involves different kinds of writing styles. It can be website copy writing, blog articles, press release writing, newsletter writing, among a lot of other kinds. Though every kind of content writing style bears a distinct approach, some basic rules are applicable for all kinds of content writing and any writer who tries his or her hand at content writing should pay heed to the basic conventions. These rules are as follows:-

1. Good English: An Important Criterion for Content Writing
A strong grasp of the language is very important for any content writer. It is very important to use adequate information in a precise, creative and clear manner. Without a thorough knowledge of the language, it is a rather impossible task for a person to practice content writing. Along with that, proper use of phrases and idioms are also very important in this profession.

2. Keyword Research and Placement:
Making Content SEO Friendly

Content writing incorporates certain technicalities related to search engine optimisation. When writing content, a writer should take the initiative to find out relevant keywords for a particular topic. And when it comes to the placement of fitting keywords, a content writer must use the keywords at least thrice in the first ten lines of the content. The work related to keyword research and keyword placement is very essential for increasing the traffic to a website.

3. Right Information:
An Unavoidable Factor for Content Writing

The main objective of content writing is to make a website or webpage informative so that visitors is able to get effective and useful information. A content writer must, therefore, provide relevant information in the site that can easily catch the readers’ eye. Till a web copy provides authentic and appropriate information, its rank in major search engines cannot rise above. A writer should take care of the information part while writing content.

4. Headline and Sub headlines: A Synopsis of Content
The use of headline and sub headline matters a lot to grab readers’ attention and is thus very important in content writing. Usually, headline and sub headlines provide a sketch of the content and it is possible to make a synopsis of the content in 6-7 words by using this method. Thus, incorporating headline and sub headlines not only make a webpage reader-friendly, it also helps a reader scan a web page within a small frame of time.